CV Rewrite

This is our most popular CV writing service, and the one that most clients opt for.

We recommend this option if we feel that your CV requires more extensive work than a reformat, but the basic process we follow is exactly the same:

Step 1. Send us your CV by email or by uploading

Step 2. We send you a no-obligation review of your CV

Step 3. First draft of your new CV is produced and emailed back to you

Step 4. Any amendments are made and we send you the final version

We will continue making changes and amendments to your CV until you are completely happy. We’re CV consultants and work with you to produce a CV that really reflects your experience and your potential

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So how do we produce a perfect CV that’s more compelling than your current one?

When we start re-writing your CV we think “advert” and focus on what you can offer the employer.

When reviewing applicants for a job the employer or recruiter knows what they are looking for, and they process CVs in a number of stages that can lead to rejection.

Some of the key rejection factors are:

Is it longer than 3 pages? Not got time to read it. Goes in the “No” pile.

No profile or list of skills on the front page. Not got time to find them. Goes in the “No” pile.

CV is like a story with big blocks of text. Too difficult to read. Goes in the “No” pile.

Those CVs left will now get looked at in more depth and the recruiter will actually start to read them to see if they match the basic profile they are working to.

Remember, this person is either in a recruitment agency or in HR, and they are working to a written brief – if you don’t match it; you’re in that “No” pile.

If you match their brief and your CV shows that you have achieved something in your career – then you may get an interview.

Always remember – a CV should be written to get you an interview. Nothing else.

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