Writing a Profile

All good CVs need a profile but they need to be written in a certain way that imparts 2 key pieces of information to the reader.

Firstly, it should be a précis of your experience. This does not mean a repeat of the employment section of your CV but a simple statement about what you are i.e. a Sales Manager; a Programmer; a Primary School Teacher; a Finance Director etc.

Secondly, it needs to say what you want to do. This should be as simple as “I am looking for a new position managing a sales team in the engineering sector”; “I am relocating to Manchester and seeking a post as a Teacher in a 6th form”; “I am looking to make my next career step into a management role” etc.

All too frequently I see profiles that are a simple cut & paste from the internet which are just bland regurgitations from other CVs saying “I am seeking a role to make best use of my existing skills”. If I’m seeing this as a CV writer then you can bet that recruiters and employers are as well, and you need to ask yourself what will they think when they see I have the same thing in my profile as the previous 20 CVs that they’re read?

So, keep your Profile simple and to the point and you won’t go too far wrong.