Convert CV to a Resume

How to Convert a CV to a Resume is relatively straightforward, but requires a fairly brutal approach to the editing process.

Whilst a CV is typically 2-3 pages long, a Resume is rarely more than 1 page.

The US job market expects the 1 page resume (literally a summary) and anything longer will look odd to a US recruiter. It’s always seemed odd to me that they sell themselves less than we do in the UK, as this seems to go counter to our cultural stereotypes – but then I’ve heard it said that it’s easy to make the mistake that as we share a language, we’re essentially the same.

To convert a CV to a resume you’ve basically got to have a 1 sentence Profile as opposed to a 3-4 line one; 6-9 Key Skills as single words rather than sentences; cut your work experience to a brief scene setting sentence with just 1 or 2 bullet points; and only show your highest level of education.

The challenge is to get this editing done and end up with a resume that doesn’t look disorganised and messy.

If you don’t fancy doing this yourself, I can take care of it for you for a flat fee of £49.99. Just use the CV up-loader Upload Your CV, and add a message that you’re looking for resume conversion of your CV. I’ll take a look at your CV and confirm that it’s viable as a resume and email you confirmation.