Is the Review completely free?

In a word – Yes.

Will you call me to get me to buy a rewritten CV?

No. We email you the free review with a price to do the work required and leave the ball in your court.

What if I go ahead and don’t like the result?

We will refund your payment completely and with no questions asked.

Do many people ask for a refund?

Believe it or not, we have never been asked for a refund!

Do you use a template?

No, but we do use a similar style for all our CVs which looks modern and presents all the information about you in an easily readable format.

What if I want my CV tailoring for a specific role?

When we produce your new CV we do it in a way that is easy to update and customise, so you should only need one CV.

How long have you been writing CVs?

Since 2002.

Your prices seem much lower than some other companies?

We are less expensive than some CV writers but equally we are more expensive than others. Our view is that a good CV takes 3-4 hours to produce a draft and after that it may involve lots of fine tuning but this is much less time consuming, and our price reflects a fair charge for our work.

Don’t we need to talk face to face for a full profile of me?

No. There is a common misconception that a CV should project your personality, but employers do not interview on the basis of your (supposed) personality. They interview based on experience. If we need additional information on your experience then, of course, we talk to you but a face to face interview for a CV is a waste of time and is generally just a means of charging you more.