How to Write a Profile on a CV

How to write a profile on a CV should be fairly straightforward, but only if you understand what the person looking at your CV is thinking. Consider who is looking at your CV when you apply for a job. It’s someone very busy who is working to a brief. Their brief is to find someone … Read more

How to make your CV more positive

Many CVs that I review are a little too passive and need to be rewritten to make them more active, but it’s a fine line to tread. If you try to make yourself come across in a more active way it’s easy to overstep the mark. You can end up portraying  yourself as slightly scary, … Read more

Tailor a CV for Applications

Q. Should you tailor your CV for every application? A. Only if you actually want the job! Seriously, you’ve got to put some effort into a job search. It may be a pain, but it works and can mean the difference between success and failure in getting an interview.

Tailor your CV

One of the things to do when applying for a job is to consider the application from the recruiters perspective. They’ll have a brief from a client which will say they’re looking for a “Sales Manager” for instance, and then they’ll list the “essential skills” followed by some “nice to haves”. When applying for a … Read more

CV Profile

A CV needs to have a Profile that clearly states what you are.   Many CVs that I review don’t have a Profile and the recruiter needs to dig into your career history to understand what you are. This is making their job harder. Imagine having to go through dozens of CVs and quickly identify … Read more

Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant Tracking Systems Applicant Tracking Systems are the first obstacle you generally face when applying for jobs and usually referred to as ATS. Essentially, they are an automated way of sifting through large volumes of applications to quickly filter out the unsuitable candidates. What is an applicant tracking system? They are systems that collect and … Read more

Writing a good CV

Writing a good CV. If you’re genuinely certain that you’re a fit for a job that you applied for and didn’t get an interview, then there is something wrong with your CV/resume. Writing a good CV is a skill. Sometimes the relevant information to get an interview isn’t in your CV/resume, or it’s hidden in … Read more