CV Writing Guide

If you’re looking to update your CV, but don’t want to pay to get it done, I’ve written a very short CV writing guide of 11 (1 more than 10!) pointers.   Some posts you come across like this will now go into depth about what a CV is, different types of CV etc just …

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Tailor a CV for Applications

Q. Should you tailor your CV for every application? A. Only if you actually want the job! Seriously, you’ve got to put some effort into a job search. It may be a pain, but it works and can mean the difference between success and failure in getting an interview.

CV Profile

A CV needs to have a Profile that clearly states what you are.   Many CVs that I review don’t have a Profile and the recruiter needs to dig into your career history to understand what you are. This is making their job harder. Imagine having to go through dozens of CVs and quickly identify …

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