Writing a CV

Great CV Testimonial

Just received this great testimonial for my CV writing: I spent a lot of time having my CV reviewed and whilst I was getting some favourable feedback it was obvious that some of the reports were automatically generated. My review from Nick (cvwrite.co.uk) was very personal and resonated with me. He told me it just needed …

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What is ATS?

What is ATS? It stands for Applicant Tracking System and it’s an automated way of sifting and ranking CVs and job applications. It’s potentially something that will stop you getting an interview if your CV is formatted or laid out in anything but the most simple fashion. You need to avoid the following: 1. Graphics, …

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CV Review

Age on your CV

It’s an offence for employers or recruiters to discriminate on the basis of age, but it would be naive to think that it doesn’t happen. Why does it happen, and what can you do about it in your CV? The reason age discrimination happens, relative to a CV getting you an interview, is that the …

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UK Employment Analysis

BBC Economics Correspondent, Dharshini David, reports on the latest UK employment analysis according to the Office for National Statistics.  More than half of the 329,000 jobs created from January to October this year went to people who are no longer economically inactive – i.e. they, rather than demographics, are the main reason for the expansion …

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Naming Your CV

When you write a CV you should always call the file by your name. Don’t use “newcv.doc”, “mycv.doc” or similar, because so many people use that format that you’re just making the recruiter’s job harder to find your saved details. I also see a lot of CVs that have file names related to the date …

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