Privacy Policy

We take your privacy extremely seriously, and detailed below is our privacy policy. This is written in a concise form that is intended to be easy to read and understand, without the use of jargon. When you submit your CV to CV Write it will not be shared with any individual or organisation for any … Read more

Ever been told you’re over-qualified for a job?

This is something that we regularly come across with job applicants being told, or believing, that they are overqualified to be considered for a particular job role. It’s a simple fact of life that some employers will overlook your CV when sifting through applicants if they feel you are overqualified and, as the candidate, you … Read more

Tell the reader what it is!

A maddening, and to be honest baffling, mistake I’m seeing at the moment is not putting “CV” at the top of your CV. You have to tell the reader what they’re reading . It doesn’t really matter if you put Curriculum Vitae (get the spelling right though!) or the abbreviated “CV” but you must put … Read more

Free Template Download

Looking for a free template? If you are after a free template you can download one by clicking here General Standard CV. This will make sure that you cover all of the basics in creating a new CV, but remember that it’s not just about the presentation but also how the CV is written and how … Read more

Beating the recruitment machines

Very interesting article from the BBC about online CVs and how to optimise your CV: Many of the biggest companies in the world are using software to recruit their workforce, so how can you beat the odds in the most competitive job market in history? If you take the time to fill in a job … Read more