Some of the recent CV Writing testimonials I’ve received :-

“CV Write provided me with an excellent service and advice. He was prompt and responsive. He is clearly knowledgeable. I felt the rates were fair and I appreciated them providing a free assessment of my CV prior to agreeing to a re-write. Would definitely recommend.” VC, London

“One thing I’ve learnt is that the first and most important factor you must take on board when made redundant is to never give up, even during those dark times Also get a professional CV constructed and for me CV Write was my saviour…” TG, North West

“I would definitely recommend CVwrite. They were very professional fast and the service was so efficient. My CV was delivered and my skillset displayed in the exact way I wanted with that extra professional touch!. The payment option made it suitable for me to have actioned quickly. Thank you so much.” S.A., Banbury

“The cv is Great!.

I sent it over to the recruitment company that contacted me yesterday, and the comment back was “This cv is really great, I think you will make a very strong candidate.”

So I will be uploading the new cv this afternoon on to the main recruitment platforms.

I would like to thank you for your insight and all your assistance in making my new cv really stand out.

All the very best for the future.

I will also have no hesitation in recommending your exceptional service.” RA, Cheshire

“I am very very pleased with it thank you, a great job has been done. I think it’s perfect! I am
Very happy” NB, Lincolnshire

“A really brilliant piece of work.

I must admit that initially I was a bit wary about having my CV re-written by a professional CV writer at a high cost.

Those fears now appear as foolishness given the quality of the product you have produced. My efforts look quite amateurish in comparison. We learn every day and I will definitely be recommending your services to my friends. Worth every penny.

WO, Bedford

“Thanks for the new CV, it was very useful… I submitted it in time and I’ve got an interview! I’m so surprised. I think the recruiter was too. Many thanks again for your help, I hope this interview goes well but if not I have confidence my CV will get me another one.

CY, Reading

“CV Write are highly professional with his approach to addressing specific requirements that are needed in a CV.  His quick reply and clear understanding put you at ease, and the end result is certainly worth the money!  A great help!!

Thanks again for your time.

Kind regards

KV, Surrey

“My initial reaction is that you’ve done a great job there. I actually managed to read a document about my own life from beginning to end while remaining awake!

I’ll ponder on it over the weekend, but I have a feeling that any tweaks are so minor that I can do them myself just as easily as telling you.

On the basis of that CV I’d definitely hire myself and anyone who thinks otherwise is mad.

Cheers and thanks,”

AS, London

“Hi ,

I am not sure if you remember me but I was working for ******* and I took redundancy. I just wanted to let you know that I have been offered a job and its something that I have always wanted to do.

I also wanted to say the CV was excellent and on average I was called by an agency at least once a week offering me an interview or work.

Thank you again, I will certainly recommend you in the future.

Once again thank you for all your help.

Kind regards

HH, Nottingham”  

“I’d like to thank you for the work you did on my CV. The results are incredible. I have had positive feedback from every company/organisation I’ve contacted.” – Tony, Italy

“My first impression was “OMG – is that really me???”, but of course I is, I had just forgotten that I really have done all that.  I must say it looks very good and I might hire me if I saw it – LOL.  Hopefully others will feel this way.  I certainly cannot see anything that you may have worded that doesn’t mesh with my voice” Leanne, London.

“I thought my CV was in pretty good shape having spent a lot of time on it but all I can say is wow! The version I got back after CVWrite had worked some magic was WAY better that what I sent them. Very impressed.” Alan – London.

“Thanks again for helping so fast and professionally with the revision of my cv  … your first class service I can recommend very much and will use again when necessary …” RO, Berlin, Salzburg

“thank you very very much for the covering letters. They are a huge difference and I very much appreciate that! The CV also looks great and I would totally employ myself now! Thanks again for your help!” DS, London

“I would like to thank you again for your quick and accurate service.  I already recommended your company and service to friends and colleagues.” NP, Netherlands

“Short note to thank you for your work, thank you for improving the look and content of my CV it clearly has made a huge difference.” DR, Kent

“Just wanted to thank you for the C.V which you have put together for me.”
Paul, Suffolk
“Thank you so much for turning this round so quickly which means i can spend the weekend prepping for the application I want to submit next week” SR, London

“You are a genius.  And a very  fast one. Thank you very, very much.  They are both perfect [CV & Covering Letter].” SS, Essex

“Thanks! I’ve used the revised version and I have already had a reply today…Many thanks for a first class service.” PK, London

“…in my opinion it looks perfect. Many thanks for you help and quick response.” KS, Essex

“I’ve looked at the second CV and I really like the layout and content. Thanks ever so much for your good work.” GP, Hertfordshire

“simply wonderful thank you! I really like the style, layout and language.
Many thanks” CB, Essex

“Many thanks for the job you have done with my CV – I think it is really good.” LC, Liverpool

“I am 100% happy with the CV, so thanks you for your efforts on this. Cvwrite will come highly recommended.” MH, Suffolk

“I’m now officially not jobless any more. I start on Monday. Cheers for all the help, was very useful and much appreciated” CM, Birmingham

“Thank you for your revised version of my cv, I think it is a massive improvement.” CA, Leicester

“The CV looks really great, fresh and professional. Thank you” BC, London

“There are no amendments required from me… Excellent CV … really impressed” BN, Suffolk.

“Excellent – That was quick – thank you” VM, Northampton

“Thanks for the draft CV which i am really happy about” AG, Manchester

“The cv that you have done is magnificent ” SM, London

“thanks for reformatting my CV, really pleased with the results” PS, Devon

“Thanks for the reformat which is a big improvement” AM, Worcestershire

“Thank you so much for the latest updated CV.. Now this is perfect!” PY, London

“Many thanks for my reformatted C.V. It is certainly an improvement and I thank you for all your help with this. I have noted your comments and will review the areas that you have suggested require attention” CT, Leeds

“Great job!” DG, Manchester

“A much better reflection of me” AG, London

“Cheers for this…very much appreciated” KA, Cheshire

“Fantastic, made a huge difference. Thanks for all your help.” GH, Lincolnshire

“Brilliant! Really pleased with the result” RE, Lincolnshire

“it looks good and I agree that it is much more readable” EU, London