CV Writing – Peterborough

If you live in the Peterborough area and are looking for someone to write a CV – give me a call.

I’ve been writing CVs for nearly 20 years and will write you a CV that will get you interviews.

If you’ve been applying for jobs that you know you’re suitable for, but not getting interviewed then your CV is the problem.

I can’t change your experience, but I can change the way that it’s presented and help you get past that initial hurdle of securing an interview.

Staff turnover in recruitment agencies is high and the same is true of most junior HR roles, and these are the people who initially look at your CV. They won’t really understand the jobs you’ve done and probably don’t know who your employers were, so you need to make it really easy for them to match your CV to the specification they’ve been given, and that’s where my experience comes in.

Your rewritten CV will be easy to read and easy for anyone reading it to see exactly what your experience is and the skills that you can bring to a new job.

Call me today on 07730 433 491 for an informal chat about how I can help you. Alternatively, email your CV to me at and I’ll review it for you and highlight where it needs improvement.