Covering Letters

Covering letters – when you’re applying for jobs, whether by sending in a CV, using a job board or completing an application form, you may need to include one.

Covering letters are to persuade the recruiter to read your CV by highlighting some of your key skills and experience in relation to the role.

It must be relevant to the position, to the point and well laid out.

Easy enough to say, but writing a good covering letter can be hard. Which is why I’ve produced a simple and free guide to getting this done as painlessly as possible.

Just click here to download the guide in MS Word. It explains how to tailor a covering letter to a specific advert and also includes a couple of examples to get you started – often the hardest part!

Whilst a covering letter may seem rather quaint and outdated, they do serve a purpose even in the digital age. It’s now really easy to apply for jobs online and many candidates apply a scattergun approach to applications.  For a recruiter that’s a nightmare.

They get dozens of applications from people who just aren’t genuinely interested in the job role they’re working on, and they have to go through the frustration of being “ghosted” by applicants multiple times a day.

If you send in a tailored covering letter with your application, that tells the recruiter that you are serious, and they then get serious about you as a candidate. This means that they will invest their time in promoting you to their client, with whom they have to retain credibility, and you’re far more likely to get an interview. And without an interview, you can’t get the job.