Pricing – £50 to £150

How much does a new CV cost?

Some CV writers can be a little vague on the cost of a new CV, but my pricing is simple and based on the amount of work your new CV needs.

An Updated CV is £50, a Simple CV is £75 and a Rewritten CV is £150.

Updated CV

An updated CV is where you have an existing CV that you are happy with and just want to add your latest employment. This price also includes:

  • A thorough check of your grammar and spelling
  • Any reformatting that is required to optimise your CV to work with ATS and boolean searching
  • Updating of the typeface used and a general “freshen up” to keep your CV looking up to date
Simple CV

This is where you don’t have an existing CV and we need to create one from scratch for you. I’ll send you an information form to capture everything I need to know. Once you return it I will make sure that I have everything I need to write you a basic CV that covers your:

  • Education
  • Experience
  • Training
Rewritten CV

This is where your existing CV is letting you down and we need to get it fit for purpose and really work for you. I’ll use your original CV as the basis for much of the content so it still feels familiar (a very important point at interview!). The added content will focus on enhancing readability so that an employer can easily see what you have to offer. It will include:

  • Personal Profile
  • Key Skills
  • Education & Training
  • Experience

It will be easily tailorable for specific applications and can be written to suit a specific role that you’re targeting. I just need to see the job advert in question.

How to Pay

When you decide that you want to go ahead with getting your CV updated or rewritten I’ll send you an invoice and you can then pay me by bank transfer. I do ask for payment in advance, but I offer a full refund if you aren’t completely satisfied with the standard of your new CV.