Tailor your CV

One of the things to do when applying for a job is to consider the application from the recruiters perspective. They’ll have a brief from a client which will say they’re looking for a “Sales Manager” for instance, and then they’ll list the “essential skills” followed by some “nice to haves”. When applying for a … Read more

Employment History

Should I include all of my employment history on a CV? This is a common question and the simple answer is a resounding yes! I see many CVs that only have the last 15 years experience on them, and when I ask why, the answer is inevitably always the same – “I was told by … Read more

Latest Testimonial

Latest Testimonial This client had a CV that was far too long and missed many of the basic elements required in a CV. The 2 essential items missing were the Profile and Key Skills, which I drafted and we worked together on to create a very strong opening section to his CV. The career section … Read more

Interests on a CV

Should you put interests on a CV? Interests on a CV are not an essential element of a CV, but I think that it helps flesh out a CV and makes you look more like a real person than just a name on a piece of paper. The main thing with this is to keep … Read more

Gap in a CV

If you have a gap in your CV from travelling you should include this in your CV. Recruiters are a suspicious lot and if they see an unexplained gap in a CV they will think prison, breakdowns, illness etc – all the negative stuff. Once a recruiter or employer starts having negative thoughts, they’re very … Read more