Volunteering in a CV

Should you include volunteering in a CV?

The simple answer is yes. Putting volunteering in a CV shows another side to you as a job candidate.

If you’re recently out of education it shows that you’ve made an effort to get some real world experience – not something that can be said for everyone!

Alternatively, you may have some years of work experience and volunteering experience can show a lot about your character and the type of employee you might be, i.e the type of person who will go the extra mile and is unlikely to have the “that’s not my job” attitude.

The kinds of things that you can include are Charity Trustee, Charity Shop Worker, Fundraising (Round Table, Lions etc), Junior Sports Coach, Scouting etc.

Any volunteering should be shown as a separate section on your CV and be below the employment section, not within it as that just gets confusing!