Email Addresses

If you have had your email address for a number of years then the odds are that you chose it when in your mid-teens. What seemed witty and amusing then can look downright ridiculous now. We see email addresses like “”, “”. You get the idea. If you have an email address like this on … Read more

Writing a Professional CV

Writing a CV is easy. Writing a good CV that gets interviews is not. What many people forget when they sit down to write a CV, is to put themselves in the readers shoes. The person reading your CV is looking for a reason to interview you and you need to make sure that your … Read more

Free CV Review

All our CV writing starts with a free CV review. Simply click here and attach your CV. We will complete a 1 page written review of your CV along with our recommendations. Then it’s up to you if we progress to the next stage.

Covering Letters

Most job applicants struggle with writing a covering letter. Not surprising really when you ask yourself when was the last time you actually wrote a letter? Should you repeat what your CV says? Should it be hand written or typed? How should I sign off? You can buy our covering letter pack for just £9.99 … Read more


Do not under any circumstances put your photo on your CV – unless you are a model or an actor/actress. It is the proverbial kiss of death and has a high chance of stopping you getting an interview. Why? Because people may not like the way you look or are dressed in the picture and … Read more


It’s not enough to use a spell checker (though many forget to do that!) – some words are not an incorrect spelling but a mistake. What do we mean by that? Well the most common one is “Manger” instead of “Manager”. If you’re a Manager – check that’s what your CV says…

No Email Address

The most common problem we have been seeing recently is not putting your email address on your CV. This is a fatal error! Make sure it is on your CV and that it works as a Hyper-link.