National Insurance Numbers

Only include your NI number if you want to fall victim to identity theft.

Presumably that is not top of you list so leave it out!

It is totally unnecessary on a CV and as more and more people put their CVs onto on-line databases it poses a severe threat to your financial health.

What font to use?

We see many CVs that use some weird and wonderful fonts. This is fine if you are applying for jobs in the media or creative spheres, but for any other type of industry, the plainer the better.

Arial is fine, as is Trebuchet MS and Verdana or Calibri. You should vary the font size to emphasise certain parts of your CV and make sure you only use 1 font in the entire document.

Email Addresses

If you have had your email address for a number of years then the odds are that you chose it when in your mid-teens.

What seemed witty and amusing then can look downright ridiculous now.

We see email addresses like “”, “”. You get the idea.

If you have an email address like this on your CV it can really work against you.

Get a new email address from gmail or Hotmail that doesn’t make you look like you’re still 15 years old!

Writing a Professional CV

Writing a CV is easy. Writing a good CV that gets interviews is not.

What many people forget when they sit down to write a CV, is to put themselves in the readers shoes.

The person reading your CV is looking for a reason to interview you and you need to make sure that your CV hits home with your key skills.

How many times have you applied for a job that you look perfect for, and know you can do, but you hear nothing?

There are only 2 reasons for this:-

1.You have unrealistic expectations about the type of job you are applying for.

2.Your CV fails to convey your skills and experience.

Let us write your new CV and we will ensure that the 2nd reason is taken care of.

Don’t take the risk of not getting that new job.

We will prepare your draft CV at no cost or obligation and see for yourself the difference a professionally written CV can make.

Covering Letters

Most job applicants struggle with writing a covering letter. Not surprising really when you ask yourself when was the last time you actually wrote a letter?

Should you repeat what your CV says?

Should it be hand written or typed?

How should I sign off?

You can buy our covering letter pack for just £9.99 and you get 3 straightforward templates plus a guide on how to tailor the letter to a specific job advert. Click here for more details.


Do not under any circumstances put your photo on your CV – unless you are a model or an actor/actress.

It is the proverbial kiss of death and has a high chance of stopping you getting an interview.

Why? Because people may not like the way you look or are dressed in the picture and they make a decision based on that.

Don’t give them that opportunity!


It’s not enough to use a spell checker (though many forget to do that!) – some words are not an incorrect spelling but a mistake.

What do we mean by that? Well the most common one is “Manger” instead of “Manager”. If you’re a Manager – check that’s what your CV says…