CV Writing in Peterborough

If you’re looking for a CV writing in Peterborough, I’m based in Bourne and if you need your CV updating my fee can be as little as £29.99.

You may not have a CV at all and need a basic one writing to apply for a job, or you may have a CV and you’re just not getting interviews.

If you just need to update your CV and add some more employment history or some qualifications, my fee is £29.99 and I can turn that around in 24 hours.

A basic CV is £49.99 and can be ready in 48 hours. A rewrite of a more in-depth CV takes a little longer , and starts with a review of your existing CV. The review is done and emailed back to you usually within 2-3 hours, and if you go ahead with the rewrite, that can be 3-4 days (depending on how busy I am!), and the fee is £99.99

Social Distancing

There’s no need to come in to the office (I’m working from home during lockdown anyway) as everything can be done by email and, if necessary, with a couple of ‘phone calls.

Other Locations

I don’t just provide a CV writing service in Peterborough, I write CVs for people from all over the UK, and even do some resumes for the North American market.

LinkedIn Profile

If you feel that you need a better LinkedIn profile I can include this as part of the service, as it should be just a shortened version of your CV anyway. There’s no extra charge for this.