Does your CV Sell You?

Sounds obvious doesn’t it? But, it’s probably the commonest mistake we see when we review CVs.

Ultimately a CV is about you, but you’re not writing it for yourself but rather to achieve your career objective. Whoever reads your CV will, in all probability, have never heard of you or met you and just wants to know that you meet their objectives and requirements.

You really need to make sure that when a recruiter or employer is reading your CV that it is clear what you do, what you bring to the role and what your motivation for applying is.

Remember that prior to interview a potential employer is thinking of only 2 things:

1. Do they have the experience to do the job?

2. Do they enjoy the job?

The final question can only be answered at interview, namely “Will we like working with this person?”

So, make sure that your CV is clear and understandable to someone who’s never met you.