Using Headers in a CV

Lots of people use headers in their CV for putting in their contact details and on the face of it, it’s a good idea since it gives you a little more space on the page for content.

However, you could be making a massive mistake with your CV if you do this.

The problem arises with the scanning software used by the job boards and the way that they can read a CV. For some reason (it’s probably very technical!) they don’t scan the text in a header – just the body of the CV – so when a recruiter is searching through Monster or Reed they come across your CV and think “great! I’ve found a perfect candidate”, but then they can’t ring you as your telephone number was in the header.

In itself this is not an insurmountable problem because you probably had to give them your email address when you registered so they can contact you that way, albeit a little delayed.

What’s worse though is if your postcode was in the header. All recruiters search databases based on location anchored around distance from the potential employers postcode and if your postcode is in the header, guess what? That’s right, they won’t even see your CV in the first place.

So, don’t use headers, or footers for that matter, in your CV!