Writing a good CV

Writing a good CV. If you’re genuinely certain that you’re a fit for a job that you applied for and didn’t get an interview, then there is something wrong with your CV/resume.

Writing a good CV is a skill. Sometimes the relevant information to get an interview isn’t in your CV/resume, or it’s hidden in a storm of irrelevant detail. You could argue that the recruiter or employer should read your CV/resume properly, but that’s shifting the blame. If a CV is poorly written how can you expect a busy, under pressure person to read it all, in detail? You have to make their job easy.

A good CV or resume should tell an employer, in as simple a way as possible, what you are, what your skills are, what your training and education have been, and what you’ve done.

To get through any ATS in use to filter applications, you need to ensure that your CV incorporates the key phrases that are used in job adverts. Make sure you have the job title and the “must haves” mentioned in the first page of your CV/resume as a minimum. Use simple basic formatting. This means no columns, no tables, and no text boxes.