5 things not to put on your CV

Here’s 5 things that people commonly put on their CV which are a waste of space and simply clutter up the real story you should be telling:

1. Good timekeeper – Seriously, why say this? Every employer works on the assumption that you can get out of bed in the morning!

2. Enthusiastic – Again, why say this? Employers start off assuming that you are enthusiastic about the job since you’re applying for it.

3. Team Player – Unless you are a lighthouse keeper or a hermit the odds are that you have to work or interact with other human beings so of course you’re a team player – we all are.

4. Bubbly – Just don’t put this on your CV. If it’s on there, delete it. NOW.

5. Hard working and reliable – As with the other points, this is taken as a given by any potential employer.

The main thing to always bear in mind with a CV is that it’s only real purpose is to get you an interview and you do that by telling the employer what you have to offer by way of experience and/or potential.