Magazine Style CV

We’ve noticed a growing trend for CVs in what we refer to as a magazine format.

Basically the CV is written like a page from a magazine with small snippets of information dotted around the page with different fonts and different colour backgrounds – much like you might see in Hello! or OK! magazine.

These CVs look great but they are a major mistake.

Magazine pages are laid out that way for a very specific set of reasons. Their authors know that their readers are essentially scan reading articles whilst relaxing or killing time and are looking to be informed, entertained or even titillated by sometime random snippets of information.

The person reading a CV is in a completely different mind set.

They are focused on extracting key pieces of information that will tell them if the person they are reading about has the experience and/or qualifications to do the job vacancy that they are looking to fill. If you make that task hard for them – they’ll give up looking and move onto the next one! The information has to be where they are used to looking for it.

So, please, make it easy for the person reading your CV!