Professional CV Writing

The current job market is tougher than ever, and a well written and designed CV is the most important factor in getting an interview and on your way to getting a new job.

There are many templates and free examples available that look good, but you need a combination of both style and substance for a really professional CV.

We are experts at writing new CVs that get job interviews, and we guarantee that you will see a real difference in how you are presented.

Our process is very straightforward:

  1. Carry out a free review of your CV and email you a 1 page review
  2. Prepare a draft of your new CV and send it to you for approval
  3. Make as many changes and amendments as you like

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Colour in your CV

We have always advocated not using colour in a CV as you run the risk of people having run out of ink or having a poor quality printer.

But we’ve had a change of heart on this one!

As printers have improved in quality, some colour can actually really improve a CV. It seems as well that people are far more diligent these days about keeping printers properly topped up with ink.

You still need to be careful though…

Don’t go overboard, keep it subtle so that presentation is enhanced and not overwhelmed (unless you are a graphic designer) and make sure that you use colours that will print well in black and white.


May sound a bit odd this, but you should avoid using capital letters in your CV.


Well there are 2 reasons.

Firstly it is a bit SHOUTY to use capital letters in any kind of electronic communication, and your CV will be seen (certainly in the 1st instance) on a screen.

Secondly, the default setting on Word is to ignore capitalised words when you run spell checker. Many people use capital letters for headings on a CV and we are all so reliant on spell checkers nowadays that any errors are all too easily missed.

Answering Machines & Messages

If you are in the job market it is important that you make it as easy as possible for a recruiter or employer to contact you.

So make sure that you have:

1. An answering machine on your home number – you can use the free service from your phone provider such as 1571 from BT.

2. That your mobile has the answering machine set up.

If possible you should personalise any greeting with your name because the recruiter needs to be sure that they have left a message for the right person!