Tailoring a CV

Tailoring a CV

Don’t copy and paste text from job adverts to get through automated systems, but rephrase what they’re asking for when tailoring a CV.

Most job adverts will have very similar phrases and qualities that they’re looking for in a given field, and if you write your key skills correctly then all you will need to do is some re-sequencing.

Some skills are quite specific to a type of job role and others should be more general qualities that an employer will be looking for. For instance, in a creative role you might have your first Key Skill as:

  • Creative – Extensive experience of writing copy across a range of media, both above and below the line and for social media platforms.

A more general quality that employers look for is your interpersonal/communication ability, and you might have something like:

  • Interpersonal – A natural rapport builder able to quickly establish credibility and build relationships at all levels with both colleagues and customers.

So, it shouldn’t be that hard to tailor a CV for a specific application if you get the ground work done correctly.

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