The first 4 of these spelling mistakes are hard to spot as they are correctly spelled – they’re just not the word you meant.

The last (and most common) is a genuine mistake but because it is almost invariably in upper case, the spell checker in Word simply ignores it.

1. Manger.

You mean MANAGER really don’t you?

2. Martial.

I know marriage can be like a state of war – but do you need to be so open about it? MARITAL

3. Carer.

“My carer to date” sounds a bit odd when you meant CAREER!

4. Collage.

Your artistic skills may be of interest but more important will be the COLLEGE you went to.

5. Cirriculum

This has so many variations it is almost impossible to list them. CURRICULUM as in Curriculum Vitae is perhaps the biggest cause of spelling mistakes in CVs.

3 things to do:

1. Make sure that your spell checker is on and in UK English.

2. Double check all UPPER CASE words.

3. Get someone else to check your CV for mistakes.