May sound a bit odd this, but you should avoid using capital letters in your CV.


Well there are 2 reasons.

Firstly it is a bit SHOUTY to use capital letters in any kind of electronic communication, and your CV will be seen (certainly in the 1st instance) on a screen.

Secondly, the default setting on Word is to ignore capitalised words when you run spell checker. Many people use capital letters for headings on a CV and we are all so reliant on spell checkers nowadays that any errors are all too easily missed.

Spelling Mistakes on your CV

It is not enough to just use a spell checker on your CV.

We have covered this topic before but it bears repeating!

It is not just mis-spelling you need to look for, but also incorrect words.

Common ones we are seeing at the moment include:

  • Roll” when you mean “Role
  • Fir” when you mean “For
  • Manger” when you mean “Manager
  • Jib” when you mean “Job

You really need to get someone else to read your CV and check it for these sort or errors.

Or just send it to us for a free review!