CV or Curriculum Vitae?

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I get asked occasionally whether it’s better to put CV or Curriculum Vitae on a CV, and I always tell people that it doesn’t really matter, just so long as you spell it correctly! Lately I’ve seen a lot of CVs that don’t have either on them. This is a simple mistake to make, and […]

Latest CV Review

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I’ve reviewed a CV today that I gave a pretty low score of only 44/100, and the only reason it scored this well was that it was under 2 pages and fulfilled some of the basic section requirements of a CV. The client rang me to talk through the review and I was genuinely shocked […]


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May sound a bit odd this, but you should avoid using capital letters in your CV. Why? Well there are 2 reasons. Firstly it is a bit SHOUTY to use capital letters in any kind of electronic communication, and your CV will be seen (certainly in the 1st instance) on a screen. Secondly, the default […]

Spelling Mistakes on your CV

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It is not enough to just use a spell checker on your CV. We have covered this topic before but it bears repeating! It is not just mis-spelling you need to look for, but also incorrect words. Common ones we are seeing at the moment include: “Roll” when you mean “Role“ “Fir” when you mean […]