Month: January 2020

What is ATS?

What is ATS? It stands for Applicant Tracking System and it’s an automated way of sifting and ranking CVs and job applications. It’s potentially something that will stop you getting an interview if your CV is formatted or laid out in anything but the most simple fashion. You need to avoid the following: 1. Graphics, …

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Tailoring a CV

Tailoring a CV Don’t copy and paste text from job adverts to get through automated systems, but rephrase what they’re asking for when tailoring a CV. Most job adverts will have very similar phrases and qualities that they’re looking for in a given field, and if you write your key skills correctly then all you …

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How to use LinkedIn

I often get asked by clients how to use LinkedIn when searching for a job. Here are 6 key points to address: 1. Use the LinkedIn Jobs for your job search. 2. Search and connect with recruiters in your field. 3. Engage with content so that you’re visible to recruiters. 4. Follow people who provide …

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