Contact Details

We see many CVs that lack comprehensive contact details. You need to make sure that your CV has the following: 1. Home number. 2. Mobile number. 3. Personal (as opposed to work) email address. Recruiters need to get in touch with you in a variety of different ways and you need to make it as …

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National Insurance Numbers

Only include your NI number if you want to fall victim to identity theft. Presumably that is not top of you list so leave it out! It is totally unnecessary on a CV and as more and more people put their CVs onto on-line databases it poses a severe threat to your financial health.

Email Addresses

If you have had your email address for a number of years then the odds are that you chose it when in your mid-teens. What seemed witty and amusing then can look downright ridiculous now. We see email addresses like “”, “”. You get the idea. If you have an email address like this on …

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Free CV Review

All our CV writing starts with a free CV review. Simply click here and attach your CV. We will complete a 1 page written review of your CV along with our recommendations. Then it’s up to you if we progress to the next stage.