Latest CV Review

I’ve reviewed a CV today that I gave a pretty low score of only 44/100, and the only reason it scored this well was that it was under 2 pages and fulfilled some of the basic section requirements of a CV. The client rang me […]

Top 5 CV Mistakes – updated

I see a lot of CVs (several dozen a week) and very few score more than about 60/100 in our free reviews and there is a common thread to the mistakes – 1/ It doesn’t say it’s a CV! Blindingly obvious but so many people […]

Contact Details

Such a “comedy basic” – but make sure you have all your contact details on your CV. We see so many that are missing either a mobile number or an email address. You must have both on a CV or you are just making the […]

Email Address on a CV

This is so blindingly obvious. Recruiters now communicate in so many way but email is probably second only to the mobile phone. Make sure your email address is on your CV and preferably hyper-linked.

Covering Letters

“Should I send a covering letter with my CV?” is a question that we are frequently asked. The simple answer is yes. Even when you are applying on-line it is always advisable to use a covering letter. They are a means of highlighting your application […]

Identity Theft from CV Information

We have been asked by a number of clients about the risk of using on-line services in relation to identity theft. The main issue that seems to concern people is that they are potentially putting a lot of private information into the public domain and […]