Recruiter’s Gripe

Chatting to a recruiter yesterday I found the single biggest gripe that recruitment consultants have with candidates that are already registered with them – as opposed to new applicants.

In order to be registered on an agencies books you will have a skill set that applies to their client base, whether it be in media, sales, admin, advertising, motor trade, retail etc. So your CV has worked in getting them interested enough in you to be registered.

When a good recruiter gets a new assignment they will work their agency’s database to find candidates. When they see your skill set looks promising they then want to talk to you, but guess what? You changed your mobile and didn’t retain your number. They can’t call you so they send you an email. But guess what? You changed email address. Net result? You might miss out on the best career opportunity that you’ll ever come across.

2 things you must do:

1. Make sure you have a web email account that you will always keep such as Hotmail or Gmail.

2. When you change your mobile make sure that you port the number. All you need is a PAC code that your existing mobile provider gives you.

Help the recruiter, and you ultimately help yourself.

Mobile Number on your CV

Firstly, make sure you put your mobile number on your CV.

Recruiters work 9-5 (or 8-6!) and need to be able to contact you during those hours, or, at the very least, leave you a message so you need to give them the number.

Secondly, don’t write it as one long sequence of numbers as this makes it hard to read and more likely that they will dial the wrong number. If they call the wrong person they may not even know it as most people don’t personalise their answer phone message, and you won’t even know that you missed that call.

You should present it as 07777 123 456 rather than 07777123456.

This may seem like a very trivial issue but it’s the detail that matters on a CV.

Send us your CV for a free review and we’ll look at these type of details as well as the bigger issues such as layout, spelling, style, key skills etc. Your review is obligation free and is usually turned around in 24 hours.

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