Mobile numbers

Check your mobile number! If you’ve changed your mobile phone and got a new number, have you updated it on your CV? It’s amazing how many times this happens. Probably 1 in 20 CVs that we review have the wrong mobile number. It’s not too difficult for a recruiter or employer to email you to tell you this, but just consider what they’re thinking of […]

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Recruiter’s Gripe

Chatting to a recruiter yesterday I found the single biggest gripe that recruitment consultants have with candidates that are already registered with them – as opposed to new applicants. In order to be registered on an agencies books you will have a skill set that applies to their client base, whether it be in media, sales, admin, advertising, motor trade, retail etc. So your CV […]

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Mobile Number on your CV

Firstly, make sure you put your mobile number on your CV. Recruiters work 9-5 (or 8-6!) and need to be able to contact you during those hours, or, at the very least, leave you a message so you need to give them the number. Secondly, don’t write it as one long sequence of numbers as this makes it hard to read and more likely that they will […]

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