Free CV Writing

Will anyone write you a free CV?

We seem to be getting a lot of “hits” from people searching for a completely free CV writing service.

I can assure you that there is no-one out there who offers free CV writing!

There are plenty of websites that initially say that you can make a CV free of charge but this is a honey-pot. They draw you in to using their site and you then spend an hour or two putting the information in that they tell you to (and it looks really slick) and when you get to the end you find that you’ve produced a CV – you just can’t have it!

In order to download the CV that you’ve invested time and effort in creating they want your credit card details.

We often get to see these CVs for review and they are uniformly pretty rubbish. They are all in very similar formats and, whilst they do make sure you have all the basic requirements of a good CV in place, the content has been written with all the usual mistakes that we see.

If you genuinely want a free CV then there are lots of basic templates out there that you can download free of charge and just fill in the blanks. Your only investment will be your own time, but you will not have addressed the underlying issue of most CVs which is that the content is not written in a way that sells you.

Leading CV Writers

We periodically like to take a look at our competition and see what they are offering and their pricing to make sure we’re competitive.

Today I discovered that it’s quite amazing how many CV writers are “the UK’s number 1 professional CV Writers” or “the leading CV writers for professional CVs”. I’d love to know how they measure this!

We don’t profess to be the number 1 or the best CV writer in the world because that is far too subjective to be a valid statement. It’s a bit like writing on your CV that you are the “best Man Manager in England” or “the most professional hairdresser in Wales”.

We write good CVs – it’s as simple as that. If you’re not getting interviews it has to be your CV and we can rewrite your CV to give you a much better chance of getting an interview.

Our initial assessment is completely free and without any obligation. Email us your CV and we email back your assessment. We won’t call you or chase you for a response. You can call us for clarification on any points we make about your CV, or about our process to make sure you’re happy to proceed.

Don’t forget – if you don’t like the new CV we will give you your money back. Straight away.

Free Covering Letters Pack

We are now giving away our covering letter pack!

All you need to do is go to our covering letters page, click on the Google “Buy It Now” button* and on the checkout page use the coupon code “covletfree” – without the quotation marks!

Simple as that for a free Covering Letter Pack and a guide on how to write your covering letter for a specific job advert.

Once we receive your order the pack will be emailed direct to your inbox.

*Make sure you use Google Checkout and not PayPal!