Employment History

Should I include all of my employment history on a CV? This is a common question and the simple answer is a resounding yes! I see many CVs that only have the last 15 years experience on them, and when I ask why, the answer is inevitably always the same – “I was told by … Read more

Great CV Testimonial

Just received this great testimonial for my CV writing: I spent a lot of time having my CV reviewed and whilst I was getting some favourable feedback it was obvious that some of the reports were automatically generated. My review from Nick (cvwrite.co.uk) was very personal and resonated with me. He told me it just needed … Read more

Convert CV to a Resume

How to Convert a CV to a Resume is relatively straightforward, but requires a fairly brutal approach to the editing process. Whilst a CV is typically 2-3 pages long, a Resume is rarely more than 1 page. The US job market expects the 1 page resume (literally a summary) and anything longer will look odd … Read more

Interests on a CV

Should you put interests on a CV? Interests on a CV are not an essential element of a CV, but I think that it helps flesh out a CV and makes you look more like a real person than just a name on a piece of paper. The main thing with this is to keep … Read more

Job Interview Follow Up

Should you follow up on job interviews? So, you applied for a job a week ago and a recruiter contacted you to set up a skype interview with the employer. The interview went well but should you send a follow up/thank you note? Absolutely – job interview follow up in essential these days. Call the … Read more