Interests on a CV

What interests (if any) should you put on a CV?

Firstly, it is a good idea to put some interests on a CV as it helps to portray you as a person – not just a name on a piece of paper.

What interests should I put down?

It’s easier to list what you shouldn’t put! Many employers can be very quickly put off a candidate by the wrong interests against which they have some, perhaps hidden, prejudice such as a particular football team or music. The basic rule of thumb is to avoid being too specific. So, you may like reading but don’t list the authors you read. You may be a computer gamer but don’t mention which games.

A good list would be:

Reading, sport, keeping fit and music.

A bad list would be:

Reading the works of Chaucer, supporting Tottenham Hotspur*, Step Aerobics and listening to 1970’s Disco.

You need to avoid anything that could be seen as divisive or about which people have strong opinions or misconceptions. So, keep it simple and you’ll stand a much better chance of getting the interview which is the whole point of a CV.


*Nothing against Spurs by the way!