CV or Curriculum Vitae?

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I get asked occasionally whether it’s better to put CV or Curriculum Vitae on a CV, and I always tell people that it doesn’t really matter, just so long as you spell it correctly! Lately I’ve seen a lot of CVs that don’t have either on them. This is a simple mistake to make, and […]

Writing a Profile

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All good CVs need a profile but they need to be written in a certain way that imparts 2 key pieces of information to the reader. Firstly, it should be a précis of your experience. This does not mean a repeat of the employment section of your CV but a simple statement about what you […]

Lunch or Job?

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When is a role not a roll? I’m seeing this so often at the moment and it’s getting annoying! A “roll” is something you have for lunch or breakfast as in a “bacon roll” or a “ham roll” but a job is a “role”. I see this on CVs that cover the whole spectrum of job […]

How long should a CV be?

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When I review a CV this is the first issue that I look at, as it is an immediate determination of how good the CV is going to be regardless of content or style. Too long and it won’t get read, too short and the recruiter is left wondering where the rest of the CV […]