Writing a good CV

Writing a good CV. If you’re genuinely certain that you’re a fit for a job that you applied for and didn’t get an interview, then there is something wrong with your CV/resume. Writing a good CV is a skill. Sometimes the relevant information to get […]

CV Writing in Peterborough

If you’re looking for a CV writing in Peterborough, I’m based in Bourne and if you need your CV updating my fee can be as little as £29.99. You may not have a CV at all and need a basic one writing to apply for […]

Monthly Payment for your CV

Monthly Payment for your CV You can now pay for your new CV with a monthly payment plan at no extra cost. Payments are spread over 4 months via a PayPal subscription. The first payment is slightly higher (99p!) than the rest to get the […]

What is ATS?

What is ATS? It stands for Applicant Tracking System and it’s an automated way of sifting and ranking CVs and job applications. It’s potentially something that will stop you getting an interview if your CV is formatted or laid out in anything but the most […]

Latest Testimonial

Latest Testimonial This client had a CV that was far too long and missed many of the basic elements required in a CV. The 2 essential items missing were the Profile and Key Skills, which I drafted and we worked together on to create a […]

Need a New CV Quickly

If you’ve just been made redundant or lost your job, then you may need a new CV quickly. We can review your CV in under 2 hours and usually produce a first draft of a new CV in 2-3 days, but if you’re really under […]

Should I put LinkedIn on my CV?

More and more people are registering with LinkedIn and that’s because it is a great networking tool, but should you put it on your CV? No, is the simple answer. This goes back to the most basic (and often forgotten) piece of advice on CVs, […]

Writing a Profile

All good CVs need a profile but they need to be written in a certain way that imparts 2 key pieces of information to the reader. Firstly, it should be a précis of your experience. This does not mean a repeat of the employment section […]