48 Hour Service

We always aim to produce your new CV within 48 hours of receipt of payment.

If we are particularly busy then this may be longer, but we will always advise you of this prior to making payment.

Contact Details

Such a “comedy basic” – but make sure you have all your contact details on your CV.

We see so many that are missing either a mobile number or an email address. You must have both on a CV or you are just making the recruiters job harder, and if you do that – guess what? That’s right, they contact someone else.

Make sure you have the following on the top of your CV:

  • Full postal address
  • Mobile phone number – see this post for more!
  • E-mail address

Be Positive!

Employers look for positive language in a CV.

Sounds obvious but the number of CVs we see that use weak language is incredible.

What do we mean by “Positive Language”?

Perhaps the most common example is when applicants say in their profile “I consider myself to be a hard working person” or “I can consider myself to be a reliable employee”.

This is weak language for a CV.

It’s much better to say “I am a hard working person” or “I am a reliable employee”.

It’s the same thing but so much stronger and positive in the way you portray yourself.

Age on a CV

You don’t need to put your age on a CV and recruiters and employers are not allowed to directly ask you how old you are.

It would be naive to think that your age doesn’t make a difference as many recruiters are under 30 and to them anyone over the age of 50 is not a good candidate.

But how do you avoid showing your age?

1. Don’t put your date of birth on.

Obvious but we still had to say it!

2. Only show the last 15-20 years of employment history on your CV.

You don’t have to show your entire life history in a CV and if the last 15-20 years doesn’t include any relevant experience then you probably shouldn’t be applying for the job in the first place!

3. If your email address was generated by your email provider it may well have your year of birth in it, e.g. davidsmith52@blahblah.com 

Get yourself a new email address specifically for job applications from Gmail or Yahoo.

4. Take out the years for your training and education.

Training is training, no matter when you did it and the same applies for education. There are exceptions to this but with many time related certifications the re-application process is pretty basic and employers won’t hesitate to get you through it if they think you’re the right person.

5. Take a careful look at your interests and hobbies…

If you put down that “spending time with my grand children” is an interest then you are giving away your age.


Follow these 5 steps and you’ll get past the age barrier and get the interview.

How we personalise a CV

One of the biggest complaints we hear of from clients who have previously had a “professional” write their CV is that the end result just doesn’t read like it’s them being described.

It’s generally because a stock pro-forma will have been used when writing the profile, and also in the job descriptions, where a list of “power” words will have been used to construct an image that is a long way from reality.

How do we avoid this pitfall?

Essentially we take what you have written about yourself and reshape it to give it more impact, but using your words so that the end result is still recognisable as you. We always ask our clients to read the first draft of their new CV carefully and make sure that they are comfortable about the overall tone of how they are portrayed and if not, we amend it as much as is needed to get the right balance between humility and selling yourself positively.

Leading CV Writers

We periodically like to take a look at our competition and see what they are offering and their pricing to make sure we’re competitive.

Today I discovered that it’s quite amazing how many CV writers are “the UK’s number 1 professional CV Writers” or “the leading CV writers for professional CVs”. I’d love to know how they measure this!

We don’t profess to be the number 1 or the best CV writer in the world because that is far too subjective to be a valid statement. It’s a bit like writing on your CV that you are the “best Man Manager in England” or “the most professional hairdresser in Wales”.

We write good CVs – it’s as simple as that. If you’re not getting interviews it has to be your CV and we can rewrite your CV to give you a much better chance of getting an interview.

Our initial assessment is completely free and without any obligation. Email us your CV and we email back your assessment. We won’t call you or chase you for a response. You can call us for clarification on any points we make about your CV, or about our process to make sure you’re happy to proceed.

Don’t forget – if you don’t like the new CV we will give you your money back. Straight away.

CV File Format

The vast majority of CVs we see are in Microsoft Word and with good reason – it’s the #1 word processing package in the world.

As a consequence most recruitment agencies and employers use it as standard and all of their systems are geared around it, and if you use another file format then you may run into problems.

There are 2 main reasons for this:

Firstly, they may not be able to open the file. This applies to Microsoft Works files that are used on many home PCs and have the file extension “.wps” and to OpenOffice files with the file extension “.odt”. Most companies just don’t have this software and will not be able to see your CV.

Secondly, many agencies use what is called parsing software which automatically reads your CV and puts the information into a database. Generally speaking this software is only set up for Word documents and will not read other formats – even Adobe PDF. file – so your CV won’t get onto the database.


Use Microsoft Word!

If you only have MS Works or Open Office you can get around this issue by saving the file using the “Save As” option and selecting the option to save as a Word Document.

Tailoring your CV

We were asked today (and it’s a common question) if CVs should be tailored for specific applications – of course they should!!!

Do you have only 1 skill? Of course you don’t. Like most people you will have at least 3 marketable skills that will appeal to a prospective employer and you need to highlight the one they are actually looking for.

It’s a bit like exam instructions : “Read the Questions”, but in this case you should “Read the Advert”. If the advert says they want a Programmer with c++ experience then rewrite your Profile to open with “I am a highly experienced c++ programmer…”

When we rewrite your CV we make sure that you have a Profile that you can easily tailor to a specific role.