Spelling Mistakes

We’re suddenly seeing a rash of spelling errors in CVs, perhaps because people are updating their CV and rushing through it when they really need to take their time and get someone else to proof read it.

This morning we have seen “mouths” instead of “months” and “collage” instead of “college”.

Neither of these will be picked up by spell checkers, but anyone from a potential employer or recruitment agency will spot them straight away. This type of error will immediately push your application down the pecking order or even into the dreaded “round file”.

Get someone else to read your CV before you send it anywhere.

Gaps on a CV

If a gap is only a month or so, don’t worry about it. If it’s longer then you need to have some kind of explanation.

When recruiters see a gap on your CV they’re generally not too concerned up to about 3 months, but once you go over this level you do need to add an explanatory note. Having said that it also depends on how long ago the gap was! If you had  a period of unemployment 15 years ago then it may be safe to ignore it but if it’s been in the last 5 years it definitely needs addressing.

Where you have been travelling for 12 months this should be included as a one-liner in your CV but avoid over elaborating on where you went and how you “found yourself”…

For women who have gaps due to raising a family this can also be explained with a simple one-liner. Where this is your first job application or attempt to find work after raising a family then this can (and should) be addressed in your profile.

Why is all this so important?

Gaps in employment make people suspicious, whether consciously or unconsciously, and once a seed of doubt has been sown you face an uphill struggle to overcome it – so it’s best avoided.

CV Templates

We get asked about templates on a fairly regular basis and why should I use you when I can just use a template?

It’s a fair question and deserves an answer.

Templates are generally quite good for a basic CV but where they fall down is that you still have to write the content and that’s the bit that really matters.

Does a template make sure your CV is the right length? No.

Does a template make sure that you have a well written and targeted profile? No

Does a template ensure that their are specific achievements in your CV? No.

I could go on but it gets a bit repetitive!

A professional CV needs a professional CV writer who can produce a tailored document that genuinely reflects your experience and skills.

By all means use a template but don’t be too surprised if you don’t get interviews…

Top 5 Spelling Mistakes on a CV

The first 4 of these spelling mistakes are hard to spot as they are correctly spelled – they’re just not the word you meant.

The last (and most common) is a genuine mistake but because it is almost invariably in upper case, the spell checker in Word simply ignores it.

1. Manger.

You mean MANAGER really don’t you?

2. Martial.

I know marriage can be like a state of war – but do you need to be so open about it? MARITAL

3. Carer.

“My carer to date” sounds a bit odd when you meant CAREER!

4. Collage.

Your artistic skills may be of interest but more important will be the COLLEGE you went to.

5. Cirriculum

This has so many variations it is almost impossible to list them. CURRICULUM as in Curriculum Vitae is perhaps the biggest cause of spelling mistakes in CVs.

3 things to do:

1. Make sure that your spell checker is on and in UK English.

2. Double check all UPPER CASE words.

3. Get someone else to check your CV for mistakes.

Email Address on a CV

This is so blindingly obvious.

Recruiters now communicate in so many way but email is probably second only to the mobile phone.

Make sure your email address is on your CV and preferably hyper-linked.

Professional CV Writing

The current job market is tougher than ever, and a well written and designed CV is the most important factor in getting an interview and on your way to getting a new job.

There are many templates and free examples available that look good, but you need a combination of both style and substance for a really professional CV.

We are experts at writing new CVs that get job interviews, and we guarantee that you will see a real difference in how you are presented.

Our process is very straightforward:

  1. Carry out a free review of your CV and email you a 1 page review
  2. Prepare a draft of your new CV and send it to you for approval
  3. Make as many changes and amendments as you like

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Another satisfied customer

It’s always nice to get some good feedback!

“I am 100% happy with the CV, so thanks you for your efforts on this. Cvwrite will come highly recommended.” MH, Suffolk

We really ought to post this sort of thing more often.